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Infrastructure and Assets

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We, the undersigned, hereby declare that the information supplied above is to the best of our knowledge true and correct. We pledge that no attempt was made whatsoever to misstate or to exaggerate information supplied. We understand that this information is critical to gather precise and exact data of clubs in South Africa.

Step 2: Baseline Survey

This baseline survey is designed in order to recommend the best entry point and pathway in the pursuit of club development. It is based upon the CLUBSMARTTM QMI Index performance indicators and assists in identifying gaps within the organisation against the seven pillars of the CLUBSMARTTM QMI Index. A report will be provided with a recommended status level. However in order to be certified at that level, a club must complete the official audit and grading process.

Answers should be relevant for the past 6 months – 1 year.
While some answers might not be clear cut – go with the best suited option.

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1. Signed constitution

2. Voting and nomination system defined in constitution

3. Executive committee or board of at least three members

4. Task teams/sub committees responsible for portfolios A smaller team of people/volunteers working with a staff/executive member. Examples: finance committee, marketing committee, fundraising committee, etc

5. Code of Conduct for club members and staff

6. Organogram An organogram is diagram that show the structure of an organization and relationships and relative ‘ranks’

7. Documented club targets and objectives

8. Admin policy

9. Election policy

10. Child protection policy

11. Marketing policy

12. Event management policy

13. Financial management policy

14. HR policy

15. Ethics policy

16. Business Plan

17. Most recent club election results available

18. Registration as a legal business entity registered as a company, an NPO, etc

19. Tax clearance certificate

20. Recent attendance at sport federation meeting

21. Most recent annual report available

22. Signed contracts for all staff

23. Signed contracts for players

24. Relevant club insurance in place

25. Contribute towards community upliftment

26. Registration/affiliation with relevant federation

27. Experienced administrator appointed

28. Basic and neat filing system for member/player IDs

29. Recent meeting agendas for an AGM, management meeting and staff meeting

30. Recent minutes of meetings of an AGM, management meeting and staff meeting

31. Basic and neat filing system for membership forms

32. Signed indemnity forms

33. Computer access for staff

34. Year calendar Well-populated includes year-round training activities, meetings, events. etc.

35. Functioning club email address

36. Email signatures in use

37. Club website

38. Club logo

39. Club letterhead

40. Business cards available (printed or digital)

41. Monthly departmental reports

42. Electronic data backup system

43. Cloud based data backup system

44. Meeting notification system for staff

45. Player recruitment plan documented

46. Player recruitment plan is being implemented

47. Filing system for transfer letters

48. WhatsApp or other casual communication

49. Regular email communication, or other more formal communication

50. Active social media accounts

51. Club marketing/advertising/promoting in within the community

52. Club signage and visibility at premises

53. Club database Basic - A list of members with basic info. Medium - includes data for payment amounts, different club roles such as executive members, coaches, etc with basic reporting. Advanced - filter functions, link profiling for communication, etc

54. Most recent club trial results available

55. Fitness testing results available

56. Injury prevention and management guide

57. Hold formal club award event

58. Hosting of competition/match games

59. Hosting of a coaching clinic

60. Fully ledged team

61. Training attendance registers are used

62. Pre-season strategy documented

63. League and competition contributor

64. Coaching qualification

65. Job descriptions exists for all staff, including executive

66. Job descriptions exists for any task teams/sub committees

67. Coaches hold first aid training

68. CVs are filed for all staff/executive members

69. Informal shadowing/connections/forums to develop coach

70. Personal development for coach, including a clinic/conference attendance

71. Personal development for administration and management staff

72. Skills audit for all staff

73. Club has a certified umpire/referee/official

74. Team doctor contact available

75. Team physiotherapist contact available

76. Team advisory fitness specialist contracted

77. Lease agreement/proof of ownership of facility

78. Updated asset inventory list

79. Equipment needs are met

80. Competition Kit

81. Training kit exists

82. First aid box readily accessible

83. Physical administration office on premises

84. Clubhouse on premises

85. At least quarterly reporting on facilities and assets

86. Equipment storage guidelines are in place

87. Equipment booking system documented

88. Current bank account

89. Three signatories

90. Basic bookkeeping system in place

91. Budget in place Basic: list of planned expenses and incomes against actual expenses and income, general and focusing on the bottom line, Formal: including departmental budgets, well organised and detailed

92. Experienced bookkeeper assigned

93. Qualified (finance related) treasurer/financial manager

94. External auditor appointed External and qualified auditor appointed to verify financial records and transactions

95. Short list of identified potential sponsor/funders

96. Two fundraising events held annually

97. Fundraising guidelines documented

98. Fundraising strategy in place

99. Other forms of income exist (e.g.: advertising, sponsorship)

100. Audited financial statement available

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